Ultra Royal Ever Seal chemical


Ultra Royal Ever Seal chemical



Ultra Royal Ever Seal chemical
18kg bucket
Rs 8,500



All Type Roof water Proofing & Insulation Coating we are
pleased introduce
our U.A.E manufactured acrylic membrane coating joint,
free by the name
Ultra Royal Ever Seal 280 it is 100% Elastomeric plastic
seizer premium
grade, architectural finishing coating. It has been
specially created for the use
where atmospheric conditions in which no effects of
Salts, Acids, Oil, Heavy
Rains and Ultra Violet Waves Resistance up to75% by
mixing of various
chemicals and to achieve magnetic field. It is Fire
Resistance Class “A” Non –
Toxic, Lead and Asbestos Free, It also reduce the high in
side building
temperature by Reflecting the Radiant Heat Waves. The
most familiar
example of radiant heat is the heat from the sun, the
heat energy of the sun is
transformed into radiant heat waves, which pass in
Straight line through 95
million miles of cold space.