Roof WaterproofingRoyal chemical services is providing industrial Level Waterproofing Services. We have completed many Industrial as well as Residential Projects throughout the Pakistan. Water leakage and seepage treatment has now become necessary for every home, we provide qualified seepage and leakage solutions in all over Pakistan. Moisturized and wet roof spoils the look of roof, other than that seepage also damage the look of walls. Beauty of home upon the ceiling and interior walls, many people spend their money mostly in interior designing. They do not compromise the interior beauty of home, the wet walls damages the appearance of interior designing of walls. And seepage in living room walls and ceiling occurs due to various reasons, pipe are fixed in grey structure when pipe get leaked the water penetrate through walls and the problem of seepage arises. The water keeps its tour through walls and roofs which damages the beauty of home, a leaking pipe surely becomes the cause of dampness and seepage. Main thing is that can this kind of water leakage problem can be treated permanently or not? The answer is yes! Royal Chemical is the best waterproofing company in Karachi with latest available waterproofing systems. We can treat your problems regarding water leakage and seepage, our technical experts use unique waterproofing techniques and qualified materials. Our experts first inspect the areas to find leakage, then they inject the waterproofing chemical in the victim wall and roof the injected chemical passes through water track and seize the path of water.

We offer 100% guarantee of our professional teamwork and high quality products..

Injecting polymer is a perfect solution for moisturized walls, this polymer blocks the passage of travelling water in concrete walls after that it disappears permanently after blocking the passage of water. As waterproofing chemical products are prepared to apply on roofing materials, that can be applied to nearly all kinds of roofing materials such as metal slabs, concrete tiles and more. It will provides seamless, joint free waterproof elastic membrane for roof. Royal Chemical Services are provided all over Pakistan, including Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar, Islamabad, Hyderabad, Punjab, Quetta, Sindh and Balochistan.

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We provide minimum 5 years of warranty for the waterproofing services provided to you Waterproofing offers a wide variety of standard warranties. Should you have questions on warranty availability.


High quality polyurethane liquid membrane for waterproofing and protection 100% quality damp proofing and water proofing service with a smile! Fast, professional and quality products.


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